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max payne 3 wiki serrano

max payne 3 wiki serrano - Da Silva: "Have you ever seen this man Serrano."
    Max: ". Yeah, it was really good"
    Wilson da Silva and Max Payne

"Serrano" (born c. 1984), whose real name is unknown, is an Afro-Brazilian criminals, kidnappers, and ruthless leader of the Commando Sombra, and. From 2006 to 2012 events,

Son of African immigrants in Sao Paulo, the biggest part of his childhood in the Serra da Mantiqueira, Serrano gave him his nickname.

After the death of his parents when he was only 8 or 9, Serrano has begun to engage in crime, living on the streets, at the age of 11, he made his first murder at the age of 12 years.

At the end of 1990 to max payne 3 wiki serrano. In Command Sombra, small as its leader in 2006 and changes in the band is a band of a large criminal organization. He is one of the main objectives of the Especiais Unidade Forcas, but evaded capture and killing of at least four times since 2009, he also played with bands and spit Pre Tropa Z

In 2012, Serrano oriented Branco, Rodrigo Branco and tried to remove his wife Fabiana. Rodrigo Serrano able to catch, but his men have managed to capture Fabiana. Pack tries to make a case for ransom, but could not because of the controversy Pre destroying exchanges.

Bodyguard Branco, Max Payne Fabiana de max payne 3 wiki serrano tried to rescue one of the foundations of the band near the river, but Tiete Serrano managed to escape from the base by Fabiana. Fabiana Serrano was eventually killed after Max before.

After this event, he attacked UFE Serrano Nova Esperança shelter and was captured and killed many of his men in the course. Serrano was taken to a hotel owned by UFE and spit Preto and other civilians being used as a cover for the company.

After taking max payne 3 wiki serrano later rescued by Max Payne, and finally cut faces of his friends, Arthur Fischer kill. The ultimate fate or after this incident are unknown.


    "Parents of African migrants, who died when she was born on 8 or 9 years.
    In the 11 years he lived on the streets of Sao Paulo to work as pickpockets and scout for drug smugglers.
    Related to his first murder at the age of 12 years
    Known as the "Serrano". As a reference for the Serra da Mantiqueira, where he spent his childhood. '
    Some file-UFE in the early years of Serrano.

Not much is known about his early life max payne 3 wiki serrano, and his real name was never revealed at least not in the law enforcement. His nickname came from the city, he spent most of his misery in the Serra da Mantiqueira. [1]

Serrano was in a secret location in Brazil, Sao Paulo, probably born around 1984. His parents are African immigrants who arrived in Brazil, and two of them were killed, while Serrano was 8 or 9 years from 1992 to 1993, making him an orphan. At age 11, the child was living as a homeless person on the streets of Sao Paulo, as drug dealers and pickpockets or observer. At the age of 12 years max payne 3 wiki serrano has been associated with murder. [2]
Improved performance
Command Sombra

    "First and foremost consider the Commando Sombra in 1990.
    As a result of the conversion of CS inputs weeks in a very organized little fuss around the city is a criminal organization.
    Under his leadership, the CS began to actively reach out to those responsible for the prosecution. Coordinated a series of clashes in São Paulo in June 2009, including attacks on police stations and government buildings. '
    A part of the record-UFE max payne 3 wiki serrano on CS participation.

Serrano intensively involved in the band Command Sombra (CS) around the end of 1990, however, because he was involved in the band is unknown. After Serrano UFE important contribution to the CS in small groups, drug trafficking and kidnapping "many criminal organizations in the city." Changes In 2006, Serrano was the leader Commando Sombra. [3]

After the leader of the gang, max payne 3 wiki serrano given in four operations since the 2009 UFE, but eluded capture. If the leader is always one of the most wanted men of the UFE. [4]

In June 2009, a series of riots Serrano rampagings accros the city against the police, including attacks on police stations and government buildings. [5]
Being in the favelas of Sao Paulo

With the rise to power as commander Sombra, Serrano began against other bands from St Paul were vying for control of the city and the favelas victory. The two main groups that fought against Serrano and paramilitary commandos Sombra spit Preto and other bands Tropa Z [6]

max payne 3 wiki serrano and Command Sombra successfully Tropa Z and so on in their area to beat in the favela of Nova Esperança, the hidden and the main base of operations is. Serrano, however, has failed to spit Preto, although the band's great to overcome. [7]

In 2012, Serrano had brought the band to another band big bloody war, this time for the final inspection of the city. [8]
Organ harvesting scandal

    Main article: National harvestings scandal

Fabiana remove

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    Main article: Shooting Docks Tietê

Then, in 2012, sent Serrano goal Branco and his men, two of them, Rodrigo and his wife Fabiana, abducted during a charity event at their home. Serrano men stormed the party and grabing Rodrigo Fabiana. Fabiana is a quick escort to the family, Max Payne, stored paragraphs, CS killed. Meanwhile, others want a guy in a garage building Rodrigo Serrano entered into a van and fled. Payne chasing car tires shot and captured, by default. Kidnapping and try Command Sombra Branco

Success on the first attempt, Serrano offers further kidnapping attempts, this time at the Modern Club where Fabiana's sister Joan and brother-in-law Marcelo often hangs.

Serrano led his men into the club, the order of detention three Branco and death all who stand in his way, even killing the famous footballer Claudio. To keep Max Payne, is sent to find their way Branco Branco removed. After being on the roof of the club and Marcelo (who escaped with Max) and his partner Raul Passos chose to see the three men forced Serrano and Giovanna, Fabiana and her helicopter. Marcelo screams Joan, while Serrano and his men search for the helicopter Branco, giving you time to get away Giovanna. Serrano sends his men to young women, but Payne Sombra save Command troops. While Joan and Marcelo stored, Serrano plan is partly successful because capture Fabiana.

After removal of max payne 3 wiki serrano family sends a ransom note Branco, ordered thousands of dollars to Brazil, in exchange for the life of Fabiana, and if you do not receive this money, Fabiana died. To do this with something else, Rodrigo, sending Max and Passos correct safety that has occurred during São Paulo. The operation failed because of contention Preto stop, kill everyone Serrano and stole money.

    "Oh, tudo pre Direita! Tudo Direita practice!"
    -Serrano told his men lost Max

Impossible after the replacement, he saw no other option, Fabiana dos, Max and Raul snuck foundation Sombra Command, which is located on the banks of the river Tiete. Max crept quietly basis, armed with PT92 silented, and found the same helicopters that are used to remove Fabiana. During a walk to the harbor, he saw a boat Serrano, spoke briefly two of his men, who have a box to collect in a truck. After he drove max payne 3 wiki serrano, killed Max, two people continue to move to television, torture Fabiana displayed. Max soon involved in a shooting in front of a large Command Sombra. Heard on the presence of Payne, Fabian Serrano took the torture chamber and ready to ship to take on the basis of armed guards and into the mortal body left to escape. Max, with Passos and his boat, chased and killed the progress of each boat called CS Serrano. Finally, the boat fell Raul Serrano is a chance to escape with Fabiana hostage.

A few days later, after spitting the information of the members of the Pre-prints [14] Max Payne reaches favela Nova Esperança, cave Serrano and the main base for Fabiana and stop Serrano and his band take.

Shortly after meeting with a detective at a strip club called Max by gang members attacked Filhos of Ogun State, but was able to repel them. Max also that the band is very different from men Serrano.

On his way through the favela, Max max payne 3 wiki serrano "fortress" after detectives showed him the way. There after beating most of the guards outside the building Serrano Serrano visited the "Joan and Marcelo, who tried to exchange money for Fabiana Serrano accepted after the discovery that there is not enough money., Shouting Marcelo, while the second is for him to accept the money and let Fabiana angry , but apparently refused to Serrano. [16]

Hi, understand that the surgery did not work, the room says, Serrano and his men to lay down their arms and let the family Branco, said that in "no one should die." But Payne handmade weapon man Serrano, bodyguard weapon. Serrano Joan put a gun to his head, making him cry out of fear. Max says angry with him, not fire Serrano to execute in response to the "right" to, Fabiana was shot in the head. Before managed to kill Max, Joan and Marcelo, UFE attack unit favela what Marcelo Serrano train their knees to climb. For [17] to avoid

Serrano decided to escape and his men, the bag with the money and hostages Marcelo and Giovanna. Before leaving, Serrano was one of his men to kill ordered Max, Max drop again later. Serrano and another flight, but Marcelo and finally spit Joan sale Pre-LEU.

Serrano and his band defeat in World War I spit in the favela, which Preto unity LEU is used as a backup. [19] Serrano was then placed in a run-down hotel called the Imperial Palace Hotel, managed by Pre spit, as a cover for their business and the removal of organs LEU. Serrano was taken with some of his men and other residents of the favela. During the short time in the hands of his enemies, it seems Serrano was brutally beaten and tortured. A few hours later, Max Payne breaks, it's time to work to discover the secrets of FOE, hotel, UFE in the fight against dozens of soldiers to him. The room in which Serrano and other residents would support telling me Max civilians caught outside the building and then stopped when he at Serrano offers a view of the poor comments seer as "pathetic." After another glance, Max went on his way, while apparently fleeing Serrano.

After a few moments' walk and clear his way Max, it seems, an operation that is that Arthur Fischer, a renowned surgeon, is the removal of organs from kidnapped fixed. Max, a surgeon action, the fishermen beg for his life. Serrano was surprised because he had seen in this study, Fischer called for action, while the surgeon continues to beg for his life. max payne 3 wiki serrano and Max look at the other trading systems, while the second point. Both Serrano weapon gently nodded, then turned fisherman Serrano. Serrano took the knife next to him and go to the doctor, first stabbed to death, ending the life of a man who is one of the main perpetrators of the massacre of men favelas and other poor people.


    "An old friend of mine, Both Serrano circus clown competent in pain .. Part of me hopes he lives to this."
    -Max Payne found that after UFE is no information on the status of Serrano have.

Murder Arthur Fischer was the last time he had seen Serrano. After the events of Hotel Serrano fate remains unknown. The day after the event 'hotel, reached base UFE Max and swearing Armando Becker, commander of the unit to kill. Basically Max find a computer in a short piece, in which he found that doubts about the state of max payne 3 wiki serrano UFE is, stating that the "unknown".

Personality and capacity

Serrano was "cruel" is described by the UFE file. Serrano was behind the heinous act Commando Sombra, indicating that it was brutal. [23] It is also highly sadistic, told his men to many innocent people and Fabiana Branco fight to kill to the point of bleeding, and finally. With a smile on his face [24]

Despite all of his actions, it seems great Serrano attention to gang members and any other poor people from Brazil, angry when he saw the remains of several members of the mortuary CS Fischer Arthur and revenge from the doctor.

Serrano seems to people who are very smart and cunning. Designed with a number of kidnappings and efforts successfully led his team to organize bigger, better and stronger [25] showed Serrano remained quiet and calm in difficult situations, as seen from the River Tiete Nova Esperança favela. [26] [27]

Serrano is a large and muscular, with dark skin, dreadlocks and dark eyes. Ha. Some of the tattoos on his arms and chest, indicating that the Commando Sombra three long gold chain around his neck, and a gold watch on his left hand. Serrano had a gold ring on the middle finger of his right hand.

His usual contains a blue-violet Aloha shirt is unbuttoned. Wearing beige shorts. Stuck [28] In line bordering Pre spit a piece of cloth pants. [29]

During the shootout in modern Club, Serrano wore a white jacket and pants contain quite expensive, with a mask. [30]

Some images UFE, and Wilson Da Silva, took the Aloha shirt with light.


Not much is known about Serrano skill with weapons and other skills. We know that noteably with knives, guns, at least most of the Glock pistol, but it is rarely used. Apart from the use of firearms, Serrano also know minimal driving the boat, boad protected from Max Payne and Raul Passos.


Balaclava - tardemark warnings for each member of the Commando Sombra - the veil that covers the entire head, with only a portion of the face. Serrano was seen wearing only once - in the attempted abduction of Fabiana Branco Club Modern [34].
Auto 9mm - in hangun Glock automatic. It is the primary weapon and the only weapon known Serrano used. He also used racial and Fabiana Branco Marcelo pain. [35]
Scalpel - a small sharp knife and surgical instruments. max payne 3 wiki serrano get and use it to kill Arthur Fischer doctor.

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